Summer Camps

Summer Camps


June 28th to August 13th 2021


Collège Ville-Marie

2850 Rue Sherbrooke E, Montréal, QC H2K 1H3

5 - 12 y/o

13 - 14 y/o


An English Camp

Langmobile camps are designed for children of all levels of English.


Our mission is to offer your child an immersive environment in English all day long!


The entire Langmobile team is dedicated to making your child's camp experience unforgettable.

Get in the English Zone!

It's simple, the best way to learn or practice a language is through fun.


Visit the English Zone section to learn more about English at camp!



To be « in the zone »

(expression, mindset)
Being so happy and stimulated that our brain registers English with no effort!

As soon as you arrive at Camp Langmobile, you enter the ENGLISH ZONE!

Get in the ZONE!

Langmobile camp is a ZONE where :


  • ... children are always immersed in ENGLISH!
  • ... children create a strong bond with other children and their animators in ENGLISH
  • ... everything is put in place for the children to succeed in ENGLISH!
  • ... children participate in fun activities and develop their ENGLISH skills without knowing it!
  • ... ENGLISH is everywhere! From your arrival to your departure, during specialized or outdoor activities, and even at lunch time!


It's simple, the ENGLISH ZONE is an environment set up at the camp where the children live a unique experience in ENGLISH!

Here is what our expert team thinks!


The foundations of the Langmobile ENGLISH ZONE are rooted in the pedagogical theory of proximal development and scaffolding of renowned educator Lev Vygotsky. He has proven that when a child is supported and guided by a caring instructor, the child enters a zone where they will be prompted to learn.

The zone at home

The ENGLISH ZONE doesn't stop at the camp! Langmobile makes a point of providing you with the tools to follow your child's experience in English during his week at camp, and to continue the experience at home!

  *Daycare from 7:30 am to 9:00 am (additional fees)
  Welcome to Camp! The animators and supervisors welcome you and your child in English!
  We break the ice and refuel our energy in English to start the day!
  Children participate in a multitude of activities in English with their group. On the menu: outdoor games, water games, indoor games and specialized activities (see Activities section)
12:00 pm LUNCH ZONE
  Lunchtime is also happening in English!
  Children participate in a multitude of activities in English with their group. On the menu: outdoor games, water games, indoor games and specialized activities (see Activities section)
  It's time to say goodbye and see you tomorrow!
   *Daycare from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm (additional fees)
7:00 pm HOME ZONE
  English continues at home! Track your child's progress by asking questions about their day and looking at their Langmobile notebook.



English continues at home! Track your child's progress by asking questions about their day and looking at their Langmobile notebook.

Each day of the week is dedicated to a thematic specialized activity.

The activities are different every week during the summer!

Monday : Arts

« Create and inspire. »On Monday, the children express their creativity in English through an artistic activity!

Tuesday : Olympics

« I am a champion! »On Tuesday, the children measure themselves to olympic challenges in the hope to win the gold in English!

Wednesday : Science

« Think and invent. »On Wednesday, the children are making scientific discoveries et push their limits in English!

Thursday : Yoga & Music

« Stay calm and breathe in. »On Thursday, the children focus on music and movement and have a full consciousness of English!

Friday : Around the World

« Never stop exploring! »On Friday, the children visit a new part of the world in English!

Gardening & Nature Crafts

Connect with Mother Nature!Garden and grow your English! Learn to use other elements of nature through DIY crafts and smoothies!

Photography & Viral Video

That will go viral! Capture the most memorable moments and express yourself through images… and English! Present your creations to the whole world at the end of the week.

Urban Arts

Leave your mark!Express yourself and leave your mark in English! Discover the art of graffiti, show off your best dance moves and compose a song on a beatbox!

True Detectives

Elementary my dear Watson. Solve the puzzles, ask questions and be clever! Can you solve the mystery with your group before the end of the week?

Crossfit & Sports

You can do it!Push! Pull! Run! Jump! Stand up! Stretch out! Breathe! Through crossfit events and different sports, learning English has never so much

Hip-hop & Yoga

Breathe in, dance out!Work on your "flow" with unique routines, alternating between hip-hop, yoga, and of course English!

Water games are a weekly outdoor activity at Camp Langmobile! This activity takes place on the camp site. Depending on the weather, the day of the water games may vary during the week. You will be informed on Monday morning at the camp.

The water games are an opportunity to live an exhilarating experience in English!

Don't forget to consult the “What to bring to camp” section to properly prepare your child! For water games, he / she will need:

  • a bathing suit
  • a towel
  • water shoes
  • water resistant sunscreen

At Langmobile, we care deeply about your children’s wellbeing and their safety is a top priority. Our team makes sure your children are always well-hydrated and protected from the sun.


As a member of the Association des camps du Québec, Langmobile is up to date and closely follows government health and safety guidelines relating to COVID-19. The maximum will be put in place during the summer to ensure everyone's safety. For more information on the subject, you can visit the ACQ website.


It is of the utmost importance that you keep your child at home if she/he is sick or running a temperature. This is to protect the other children from contagion, and we cannot keep any child at camp who is showing symptoms of illness. If this is ever the case, we will contact you.


Please be sure to advise the camp supervisor of any allergy or health issue your child may have. If your child needs an EpiPen, please be sure to give one to the camp supervisor.


Nut-free Camp


Health Form

An update form must be filled out if your child needs to take medication. We cannot administer any medication if this form has not been completed. Forms are available at the reception desk.


Camp managers can not be held responsible if events are caused by missing information on the registration form (diseases, disabilities or allergies).


Langmobile is proud to offer one of the best child supervision ratio in the field of day camps.


5-10 years old : up to 10 children per animator
11-12 years old : up to 12 children per animator



Langmobile favours small groups, which lets the children develop a personal and trusting rapport with their animator.

You can meet your child’s animator outside camp hours. Ask the supervisor for an appointment.


Langmobile animators...

  • Master English language
  • Are young men and women whose average age is 20 years old.
  • Have experience with children
  • Are usually in university or have completed a bachelor’s degree often in education, English as a second language, psychology, dance, music or sports.
  • Have first aid training
  • Are sensitive to the learning of a new language for a child
  • Have completed a training with Langmobile on our approach to children
  • Are respectful and understanding
  • Love children and to play outside!

Arrival and Departure

We keep strict control over the arrival and departure of each child.

You must sign the attendance sheet on arrival AND on departure. On the first day of camp, you will be issued a passport and asked to write your child’s name in it. On departure, the parent or person responsible for the child must present the passport or a picture of it.


On the first day, your child will be welcomed by the Langmobile team of animators. At assembly, the line-up of activities will be explained. Team games will help introduce the children to each other, break the ice and help them feel at ease. Rest assured that our animators are fully trained and will offer your child a personal, reassuring welcome that will help them feel relaxed and secure.


You must advise the camp supervisor if your child:

  • Cannot attend
  • Will arrive late
  • Will leave early with a parent
  • Needs to reach you

Lost Objects

To retrieve your lost items, please contact the Langmobile supervisors. Langmobile is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


Your child's belongings will stay in the classroom all week except for lunch boxes. The list of items to bring to the camp is as follows:

  • A healthy nut free lunch and two healthy snacks with Ice Pack. We value and respect our environment, we encourage each camper to bring a lunch that generates very little to no waste.

  • A big resealable plastic bag in your child's lunch box. The children will put their garbage at lunchtime in the bag and take it home.
  • A water-resistant sun cream of at least SPF 30 or higher. Sun cream should be applied before arrival and then again over the course of the day. Choose a sun cream that is easy for your child to apply. Our animators will supervise for effective application.
  • Running shoes, shoes with non-slip soles or sport sandals.
  • A clean, re-usable water bottle.
  • Appropriate clothing for the weather and camp activities.
  • A hat or baseball cap.
  • A change of clothes is recommended.
  • Bathing suit and beach towel every day.
  • Shoes appropriate for water games.
  • Insect-repellent as needed.
  • A pencil case that only your child will use.

  • Pencils

  • Colouring pencils

  • Markers

  • Scissors

  • Glue stick

*Please identify your child’s clothing and items with her/his full family name.

Not allowed

  • Cell phones
  • Portable video games, iPad, iPhone, Nintendo DS...
  • Pocket money
  • Games from home (ex: Pokemon cards, Fidget Spinner, etc.)


Price per week (9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

240 $


Week of June 28th to July 2nd (4 days)

192 $


Daycare (7:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. / 4:00 p.m. to 6 p.m.)

40 $ per week (32 $ weeks of 4 days)

On-demand : 10$ per day

Late fees : 1$ per minute after 6 p.m.


Discount of 10% for registration of a second or third child!


Registration Fees

15$ per child

Administration Fees

2% per registration

Cancellation Policy

Langmobile’s Summer Camp reserves the right to refuse or cancel a subscription in the following cases :

  • If the health form is not completed before the stay(s)
  • If the camp considers that it can not ensure a participant’s complete safety and proper supervision based off the information contained in the participant’s form, information given by the parents, or, information that is not registered and noted on the special needs of their child.
  • For disciplinary reasons (non-compliance with the rules of life)

Refund Policy

Any requests for refunds must be done in writing.

When requesting a refund before June 1st, 2021, the cost of stay will be refunded, although, an amount equivalent to 8% per stay remains non-refundable as an administration fee.


Past June 1st, the cost of the stay(s) will only be refundable for medical/health reasons with the confirmation of a doctor.


No refund will be done after the date of activity for a missed day or a suspension.


In the instance of a cancellation by the Summer Camp, the cost of the stay will be fully refunded.


Our administrators can not be held responsible if situations are caused by missing information on the registration form (health, disabilities or allergies).

Tax Credits

We supply a statement 24 slip (childcare expenses) for day camp. To receive your statement 24 slip for tax purposes, follow the instructions on our Amilia registration platform at


In order to be able to issue your RL-24 slip, you must send your social insurance number to Langmobile via the Amilia secure registration platform.


Here's how to make sure your SIN is sent to Langmobile:

  • Access your Amilia account
  • Go to the Members section.
  • Scroll to Other Information and enter your SIN. If your number is already entered, continue directly to the next step.
  • Scroll down to the Langmobile section and click on Other information for this organization.
  • Make sure the Do not disclose SIN to this organization box is NOT checked.

1. Are the children classed by level?No, they are grouped according to age. Our objective is to respond to the children’s interests by creating a natural English-immersion environment that enhances learning. We do not encourage memorization or learning by heart.


2. Will my child learn English in one week?That depends on the child’s level. An advanced child will be able to perfect their knowledge of English and practice it in a fun, immersive environment. They may also help their friends or even help the animator with demonstrations. A child who is beginning or more or less comfortable can break the ice and feel more at ease in English. Ideally, in a session a child just beginning will acquire a higher comfort level in English, improved comprehension, and will have several words and phrases in their vocabulary. Each child is unique, and learning will vary from one child to another.


3. Can my child be with their friend or brother/sister?Yes, of course. When you register your child, indicate the name of the friend, brother or sister in the “Friend” section. However, we must respect the age groups.

4. Do you recommend 2 weeks of camp?Yes, we do. Learning a second language is much easier and more natural when the child is in an immersive environment. This is doubly true for a child’s first experience, and they will be even more relaxed and receptive in the second week.


5. Do you speak French with the children?For some explanations, the safety regulations, the program and of course, in case of health problem, we will speak in the mother tongue of the child.


6. Will the children speak French to each other?From the first day we ask all participants to make constant efforts to speak in English. Your children will be encouraged to speak English! We want children to feel confident, it is normal for children to speak French more specifically during free games. Learning continues in day care, English immersion is important to us.

Have a look!

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June 28th to August 13th 2021
Dive into English!










Yoga & Music


Around the World


Collège Ville-Marie

2850 Sherbrooke E,
Montréal (Ville-Marie)  
H2K 1H3

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June 28th to August 13th 2021
Activity Schedule



June 28th to July 2nd *no camp July 1st*

Gardening & Nature Crafts

July 5th to 9th

Urban Arts

July 12th to 16th

Photography & Viral Video

July 19th to 23rd

True Detectives

July 26th to 30th

Crossfit & Sports

August 2nd to 6th

Photography & Viral Video

August 9th to 13th

Hip-hop & Yoga


Collège Ville-Marie

2850 Sherbrooke E,
Montréal (Ville-Marie)  
H2K 1H3

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