Online Classes

Online Classes

Online Camp

An immersive language camp, live from your home!

French or English


Summer 2021

5 - 12 y/o

July 5 to August 27 2021

Join us in the morning or in the afternoon 5 days a week to learn English or French in our FUN filled online camp! 


One week of Langmobile Virtual camp includes:

  • A welcome letter with a video of your teacher!
  • Monday : Art activity
  • Tuesday : Yoga-Dance activity
  • Wednesday : Around the world activity
  • Thursday : Yoga-Fitness activity
  • Friday : Scavenger Hunt (5-6) or Escape the room (7-12)
  • An activity page after each day
  • A Thank you and Goodbye video


Everyday our amazing Online animators will present a different activity related to the theme of the day! This assures that  NO two weeks are the same and that the learning value is reinforced through the repetition of themes that activate prior knowledge and encourage cognitive engagement and stimulation. So DOUBLE or TRIPLE the fun by joining us for multiple weeks.



5-6 years old

5 classes of 45 min
70 $


7-8 years old

5 classes of 60 min
80 $


9-12 years old

5 classes of 75 min
100 $

Free Trial

If you want to try our online services before booking the camp, or if you want to have fun in French before the summer, use this promotional code below to obtain a free class!


* Only available on drop-in classes

Our philosophy

The Langmobile method is all about creating meaningful experiences while learning another language! Our philosophy that learning occurs when children bond and feel a sense of connection is the thread that ties all our programming together.


This formula is based on 18 years experience presenting interactive learning activities that involve the senses and everyday experiences of children. We have translated this successfully to an Online platform by paying special attention to realistic expectations for children of all ages. 


Our ONLINE program takes into consideration the physical, emotional, and intellectual developmental milestones of each specific age group.It is this plus the original contents of our programming that makes our Online language workshops a success.


The learning doesn’t stop with class! To encourage and support the learning  we send home an activity page everyday so parents and caregivers can participate in the learning as well

Zoom platform

Langmobile Online Live uses the platform Zoom to give online classes.

Zoom Platform 

Zoom is a simple and reliable cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars on mobile devices, desktops, phones, and room systems.


Used by hundreds of companies giving online courses, it is the ideal platform to learn a new language with Langmobile!



Prepare well

In order to maximize your online learning experience with Langmobile, we recommend that you take a few moments to prepare before the first lesson.

  • Download the Zoom app sur on your computer or tablet.
  • Create a free account with Zoom.
  • Try the platform! Try making a call from Zoom to familiarize yourself with the interface.
  • Familiarize yourself with basic commands such as audio, video, participants display, screen sharing, etc.


Make sure you consult the Instructions section before the first class.

Before the class

  • Think about your space. Make sure that the camera captures your child's face, and that you are present in the frame if you take the course with him/her. Provide space for dancing, further away from the camera. You can make position marks to help you, one from near and one from far.

  • Think about your environment. Prepare a neutral space so that there is no distraction for your child. A minimalist approach is suggested.

  • Think about lighting. Make sure the faces are well lit and that you are not backlit (for example, having the sun on the wall behind will make it difficult to see your face).

  • Think about material. It is strongly suggested that you have paper and pencils available. Access to the mouse and keyboard can also be useful for people on a computer.

  • Prepare your arrival. Remember to create your Zoom account at least a day in advance. Join the course 5 minutes in advance so you don't miss anything and don't disturb the start of the course.

During the class

  • Think about your video. Make sure your camera is on to get the most out of interactions!

  • Think about muting. When you are not speaking, use the mute button to not disturb the lesson. Our teachers will have control over participants' audio as needed.

  • Prepare your child. In order to maximize the experience for your child, we encourage you to participate in the course alongside them. Your participation is required for ages 3 to 5, and optional for ages 6 to 12.

  • Interact during the class. Be reactive and gestural! Our teachers will ask questions and ask students to participate on a few occasions.

  • Take your time. Take the time to get used to this new learning format!
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Our clients are very important to us!

All of us at Langmobile work hard to make sure each and every one of our clients are happy and satisfied, whether it’s a parent, a child, a school or a daycare. Take a look at these client comments sharing their experience about Langmobile.