After School

After School

Club Elite

6th grade

Choose the language: English, French, Spanish and Italian!


9 - 12 y/o

We are very happy to announce that our afterschool programming is starting for Fall 2020.


  Very distinct changes have been made to our procedures and programs to accommodate the exceptional situation of COVID-19. The measures described on this page are dated of September 15th 2020.


Our experience running summer camps during these unprecedented times has greatly contributed to our confidence in confronting this unique set of circumstances. Summer was extremely successful and we believe we can adapt all we learned during this time to our afterschool programs.


The measures we have taken in regards to our afterschool workshops are aligned with those applied in childcare services and based on the suggestions made by the CNESST in order to ensure safety. 


As added measures we require schools who wish to offer our services to fill out a form that outlines their specific policies and procedures so we can prepare our teachers and adapt our procedures and programming to accommodate the unique needs of each school.


Our mission remains to provide a positive environment where children can learn English!


The following are points that we have given special consideration :

  • Group ratios: In order to maintain safety and preserve the integrity of learning a Language our ratio will not exceed 10 children per workshop.
  • Social distancing: Our teachers are instructed to wear masks or shields at all times and respect the social distancing rule of the school.
  • Programming and material: Our programs have have always been based in fun and games! We remain true to that approach however we have instructed our teachers to adapt games to respect the social distancing in doing so. We will not share material with children therefore books will not be provided unless specifically requested by the establishment. Children are asked to bring their own writing materials in the event we are permitted to distribute paper.
  • Hygiene measures: Our animators are supplied with hand sanitizer and required to frequently use it before, during and after class. The school is asked to provide hand sanitizer for the children to use before, during and after class and a disinfectant of their choice with specific instruction concerning the room, desks and chairs used by the children.


This is a fantastic age to offer them an enriched English program! They already have a good base in English on which we can structure learning. We will encourage teamwork and leadership, to bring young people together around a common project and all this in English. We want them to think and to be able to express themselves in English. You can choose between those two activities :

Yoga / Bootcamp or Viral Video / Photography


Choose your language : English, French, Spanish, Italian or Mandarin!

The children learn through familiar themes and easy integration of the engaging melodies and lyrics of Langmobile’s original songs. Physical expression, mime, crafts and repetition of vocabulary are integrated throughout all the songs and activities.


The Langmobile program is based on original material specially designed by our team. Each student will receive an activity page each week and will have access to a calendar to continue learning at home.

Option 1 : Lunchtime workshop

We eat with your children and we learn together – 15 to 20 minutes allocated. The learning continues before classes start.


Option 2 : After School workshop

Our animators stay to supervise the transition from school to pick-up for home.


It is possible for us to take care of the registration of your establishment. For more details on the process and fees, please contact us.


Talk about Langmobile to your school!

Langmobile has developed and designed its own programming for our Language Lab after school program. Here is an example of a programming grid. So parents have an idea of what kids are doing in class and even have some ideas of activities to do at home.


Programming 11-12 years old

We also invite you to visit our games section on our website to watch educational video clips designed to teach your child while having fun!

Langmobile animators...

  • Have excellent language skills
  • Have experience with children
  • Are usually in university or have completed a bachelor’s degree often in education, English as a second language, psychology, dance, music or sports.
  • Have first aid training
  • Are sensitive to the learning of a new language for a child
  • Have completed a training with Langmobile on our approach to children
  • Are respectful and understanding

Contacting our team

The coordinates of your animator will be transmitted to you after your registration. If you have to cancel at the last minute you must contact the animator directly by phone. For all other inquiries, please contact your Langmobile representative.


60 minutes workshop

12 $ per child


Sessions of 8 to 15 weeks available


Minimum of 8 children and maximum of 12 children



It is possible for us to take care of the registration of your establishment. For more details on the process and fees, please contact us.

1. Are the children classed by level of language?No, they are grouped according to school year. Our objective is to respond to the children’s interests by creating a natural English-immersion environment that enhances learning. We do not encourage memorization or learning by heart.


2. Will my child learn English in one session?That depends on the child’s level. An advanced child will be able to perfect their knowledge of English and practice it in a fun, immersive environment. They may also help their friends or even help the animator with demonstrations. A child who is beginning or more or less comfortable can break the ice and feel more at ease in English. Ideally, in a session a child just beginning will acquire a higher comfort level in English, improved comprehension, and will have several words and phrases in their vocabulary. Each child is unique, and learning will vary from one child to another.

3. Do you speak French with the children?For some explanations, the safety regulations, the program and of course, in case of health problem, we will speak in the mother tongue of the child.


4. Will the children speak French to each other?From the first day we ask all participants to make constant efforts to speak in English (or the selected language). Your children will be encouraged to speak English!

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