Aug 22 2015

Why Children Need to Learn Another Language

Owning a language school for 10 years has not only opened my eyes to the demand for children to learn another language but it had opened my eyes to WHY children need to learn another language. It is my business to constantly evolve my programming to meet the needs and interests of parents and children. I do alot of research on how to have fun and learn another language but I also do  research that address the undercurrents of what it means to learn another language.

As a teacher it is easy to make something fun where children actually learn another language while not even being aware that they are in an educational setting with an objective.

What really excites me is that there are so many other reasons why children should and NEED to learn another language.

We have all heard it before, since numerous studies show that speaking a second language greatly improves and stregthens cognitive, memory, and listening skills.

I recently came across an article published in Psychological Science suggesting that simply thinking in a foreign language helps people make quicker and better life decisions. Plus, a study by the Academic Council on the Teaching of Foriegn Language  reports a direct correlation between foreign language study and high test scores.

People who speak a foreign language often enjoy better career prospects and higher standards of living. And there are even health benefits — recent research from the University of Chicago suggests that a second language also helps prevent dementia later in life.

What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old. If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading Kids Learning Languages on I tunes it is free for a limited time!

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