Feb 07 2015

Immersion Anglaise et Française – Camp de Jour Langmobile

Are you looking for a camp for your child age 3-11?

Immersion Anglaise -Is the way in Quebec for kids to improve their English conversational skills. Most Parent in Quebec see the importance of bilingualism. Our great country has two official languages English & French! What an amazing quality for a country to have- Supporting bilingualism.

You want the best for your kids. If a good education is top of the list, think of school- plus-camp as the winning combination.

Langmobile has the camp Language part covered! Not only are we a great environment for your child to improve English BUT we are an even better environment for English speaking children to improve French! (90 % of our campers are French, we do all we can to encourage them to speak English but the truth is that among themselves, in social situations, they primarily speak French which is a true Immersion environment for an English speaker to learn!

Camp Builds Skills for Life

When considering camp for your child consider how camp contributes to life long learning for children. I came across this chart that shines some light on the positive camp attributes read more…

Concrete  skill development               +        Soft skill development

School, work and life skills                                            Gaining confidence and self-esteem

Leadership and personal growth                              Becoming more independent

Igniting future career interests                                 Internalizing morals and values

Specialty training                                                                 Gaining better self-awareness

Learning to try new things                                            Improving interpersonal and social skills

Learning through success and failure                   Becoming a good citizen

Physical activity and increased strength            Taking responsibility for self and others

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