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Universal language of fun ! February 22nd 2013

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The Universal Language of fun!

The universal language of fun! Nicole Bianco

Learn how it all began ! Nicole Bianco with Johanne Desjardins launched Langmobile in 2002, delivering language workshops in that maiden year to some 120 children in various local Centres de la petite enfance (CPEs) and private daycares. Today, thanks to its community-based partnerships with REACH school, RAPID (Resources for the Anglophone Population with Intellectual Disabilities) and the Saint-Lambert Community Learning Centre (CLC), Langmobile has grown to include a English Immersion summer camp program, a summer camp for the intellectually disabled and, most recently, a preschool and Saturday program, reaching, all told, some 3,000 families every week. “Networking and partnerships have been a vital part of my evolution both personally and professionally,” she notes, adding that these connections have allowed the centre to tailor its services to the needs of the community. While about 90% of Langmobile’s clientele consists of francophone families that are ineligible for English education but want their children exposed to a second language, the center also offers a wide range of learning programs in French, Spanish and Italian.

Nicole is hoping the next stop along the evolutionary trail will be to bring the Langmobile concept to television. She is currently working with a production house to put together a children’s TV show based on language learning that could be adapted to different markets. “It’s a natural progression that would bring us closer to our goal of revolutionizing language learning for children of all ages.” ■




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