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Learning English is just a few beats away! December 16th 2016

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Learning english Saint lambert Saint bruno Montreal cours d anglais enfantsLearning English has never been so much fun!

It’s DIY Friday with me, Celeste, so grab your supplies, throw on an old shirt, and let’s get started!

During this week’s lessons, learning English with my little Langmobile voyagers,  I incorporated music as much as possible, which, of course, meant a new DIY was in order! After humming and hawing over which one to choose, I finally landed on a musical drum, complete with pom poms and glitter. (You can’t go wrong with a little sparkle!) For this instrument to earn its title as top DIY, it had to pass the three most important questions. Is it…

Quick? Check!…….Easy to clean up? Check!……And most importantly…Fun? Check!

Learning English through music is the most effect way! Check one of our older posts, the same principles apply to learning English! New Years Resolution! Teach my child French. 

With my new DIY drum in tow, I headed into my first class of the week eager for my little learners try it out! After playing a piece of Langmobile music what’s that sound, I gave them a little demonstration, and asked “what’s that sound?”. Wails of excitement echoed through the classroom. “A DRUUUMMMM!” The following few minutes were spent fine tuning our musical talents and learning the terms gentle, sound, loud and quiet. Interactive music activities are an incredibly effective way to maintain attention spans, and encouraging independent thought.

Learning English with this DIY project :

  • Vocabulary rich so many fun words to learn while rummaging through the house for objects to use
  • How high can you count in English? 1-2-3-4 Count the beats of your drum

To make this craft you’ll need:

-1 coffee can

-1 old t-shirt

-3 rubber bands

-2 Styrofoam balls

-1 piece of construction paper

-2 popsicle sticks or bamboo sticks



-Optional: Assortment of feathers, pom poms, feathers, and/or stickers

For the drum:

Take off the lid if the coffee can, and tape the construction paper to the outside of the can.Pop the lid back on. Cut a square out of the t-shirt (a bit larger than the lid of the coffee can), and secure onto the top of the drum with a rubber band

Decorate the drum base as you like

For the drum sticks:

Push the popsicle or bamboo sticks into the middle of each styrofoam ball, about halfway up.

Cut 2 squares out of the t-shirt (enough to cover the styrofoam balls)Secure the t-shirt squares onto the styrofoam balls with the other 2 elastic bands.

This DIY was inspired by Lewis music studio blog– check it out for a visual of this project. We changed a few things but the basic idea is the same 🙂 This DIY is teacher approved, children adored. If you loved this project as much as I did share your experience in the comment section below. To incorporate music into playtime with your little one, visit our itunes library! Until next time, Celeste

Learning English  continues every Saturday at Langmobile – join us ! Cours d’anglais pour les enfants le samedi!!

Cour Anglaise enfant samedi


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Kids Learning English in Saint Lambert and Saint Bruno-Langmobile July 18th 2015

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Welcome back to Langmobile everyone!!! This is Meagan, writing to you again about what we do here at Langmobile and how kids are learning English everyday.

Some of you may be asking yourselves: Who is Meagan Hawes? learning Englsh south shore montreal

Last week I introduced myself in my first blog, More than just an English Immersion summer camp, but there is one thing I did not mention and that you do not know about me, I have Down syndrome. The first day when I started to work here at Langmobile, there were a lot of open doors and when I walked through those doors I knew that I was going to be a part of the team. I have been working at Langmobile for eight years now and I love working here and I love working with kids learning English. I believe I am good at it too, especially with the younger preschool kids.

My experience working with Langmobie has been a very positive one, I am surrounded with a supportive team. Every year the team has accepted me and has treated me no differently because of my Down syndrome.  Langmobile has become a home away from home.  I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Nicole Bianco for giving me for a great opportunity.  She has helped me to be my best self. Over the years my job here has been to do what every other junior counselor has done – Clean, clean & CLEAN. This summer Nicole has given me my first promotion to be a teacher assistant and I am starting to write blogs about Langmobile and what we do every day.

So, here I am writing back to you about this week from our Saint Lambert location. Saint Lambert elementary school, Which by the way is my old school. It is very special to be back here and seeing the classrooms and hallways! I have also had the chance to see some people from my time at the school like Pat the receptionist. I also have very fond memories here of the principle Enzo Di Ioia and Elizebeth Britton.

Back to work 🙂

Week 3 July 13-July 17

This week we had great weather, the sky was clear most days and the sun bright.  Once again we had  happy campers, smiling, laughing and having fun. Just what we want for our English immersion program.

Best part of all is that with so much fun being had the kids do not even realize they are learning English.

The energy of the camp this week is to exercise every day and to be healthy and OFTEN DRINK WATER!!!! It is SMART thing to do and the wellbeing of campers is a priority at Langmobile. Sun screen is also very important it is applied twice a day.

This week we had A MOUNTIAN theme, the kids have been learning English everyday and some words of the week are: North, East, South, West.  They actually made a compass as a craft activity.

Specialty activities were Fitness/ Yoga and Mini-Chef. It was time to get in shape and to be connected to your inner self. Our training program introduces kids to the importance of good physical health. The kids do a circuit of exercises and then end with some relaxing yoga and meditation all the while learning English.

Mini-Chef is always a very popular activity and it’s filled with fun and healthy recipes. The mini-chef group had 3 favorite recepies which were Lasagna, pizza, cake in a cup. Everyone is having so much fun.  They are learning a lot  every day. I am so proud of each of them. KEEP LEARNING ENGLISH!!!

Wednesday was WATER GAMES DAY!! Kids are having fun splashing around. They cooled off while learning English!!! They love getting wet and they also love playing with the hose. Zachary, Matt and Caleb are our Water games animators and they do a great job animating the games.

We had a show Friday @ 3:30 kids to demonstrate Fitness /Yoga. Parents had the chance to see different yoga poses that the kids had been learning and the kids are very happy to be in the show. Namaste Kids!!! Before every show I always try and encourage the kids with some English expressions like

Have fun and smile!

Break a leg!

Show them what you got!


Sometimes I have to explain what these expressions mean but once they get it we always have a laugh learning new English expressions.

This week one of the campers approach me and said ”I love Langmobile because you are here” and that made me feel happy inside. When she said that I almost had tears. She made me smile, I never expected that comment.

The counselor of this week is Nikki because of her hard work and dedication to Fitness/Yoga. Nikki has a big heart and  I can see how she loves the kids and wants them to succeed in learning English and having fun. GO NIKKI GO, YOU ROCK!!!


Thanks for reading Everyone – Meagan Hawes

If you want to learn more about Langmobile visit our website and explore our other activities like

Saturday classes


After-school classes

Daycare workshops

Have a look Kids Learning Languages on I tunes its free!app-launch7-en




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Universal language of fun ! February 22nd 2013

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The Universal Language of fun!

The universal language of fun! Nicole Bianco

Learn how it all began ! Nicole Bianco with Johanne Desjardins launched Langmobile in 2002, delivering language workshops in that maiden year to some 120 children in various local Centres de la petite enfance (CPEs) and private daycares. Today, thanks to its community-based partnerships with REACH school, RAPID (Resources for the Anglophone Population with Intellectual Disabilities) and the Saint-Lambert Community Learning Centre (CLC), Langmobile has grown to include a English Immersion summer camp program, a summer camp for the intellectually disabled and, most recently, a preschool and Saturday program, reaching, all told, some 3,000 families every week. “Networking and partnerships have been a vital part of my evolution both personally and professionally,” she notes, adding that these connections have allowed the centre to tailor its services to the needs of the community. While about 90% of Langmobile’s clientele consists of francophone families that are ineligible for English education but want their children exposed to a second language, the center also offers a wide range of learning programs in French, Spanish and Italian.

Nicole is hoping the next stop along the evolutionary trail will be to bring the Langmobile concept to television. She is currently working with a production house to put together a children’s TV show based on language learning that could be adapted to different markets. “It’s a natural progression that would bring us closer to our goal of revolutionizing language learning for children of all ages.” ■




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