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Teaching kids English and supporting local artisans July 31st 2017

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Conscientious creation and kids a winning formula! Cours d’anglais pour les enfants le samediIn our new Cours d’anglais pour les enfants le samedi – Saturday class activity DIY we try and bring value to the students. A lot of the artists we highlight use recycled material to produce the most beautiful items. Learning English with Langmobile encourages kids to think not only about the language but about the world they live in!

Supporting your local Montreal artisan local shows you CARE. Supporting local business that take time and apply their efforts to conscientious creation is something we look forward to sharing with our students !

As families raising children in an over consumerism we think its important to highlight a more conscious approach to buying goods.   Langmobile is all about encouraging creativity, community, commerce  – we’ve looked into the go to spots here in Montreal, so you can give, decorate with and wear handcrafted goodies with ease.

The Montreal Experience:

There’s no better place than Montreal to spend an afternoon shopping! Here are four of Montreal’s most popular artisan shops, and for good reason.

Raplapla – Known for their adorable dolls, this children’s shop is sure to have your little one smiling! Located on Villeneuve O, it’s a short walk from the Laurier metro.

Ethik Boutique – This company values both human and environmental resources, ensuring that everything in stock is ethically and socially responsible. If you find yourself walking Saint-Hubert, stop by for a new clothing item, purse, or hat.

Onze – Located on Saint-Denis, this charming shop carries women’s clothes, jewelry, and accessories. They’re jam packed with indie, classic and boho-chic styles!

Buk & Nola – Right on Laurier Avenue, Buk & Nola offers gorgeous objects and accessories to complete any space. They believe that adding a splash of color and style to your home will embellish your life, and we agree!

From your living room: No Matter what your style or taste, these artisans have created something for you. And the best part is, you can support them, while lounging in your pj’s. What’s not to like!

Children’s Toys and Accessories: Julie of Not Sew Strange

From plush toys to geometric print quilts, Julie’s shop is a must see. Her contemporary designs are the perfect addition to any nursery!

Clothing: Yana of Supayana

With a background in clothing design for eight years, Yana creates women’s and toddler/baby clothing in a variety of adorable styles! Most of the pieces feature digitally printed illustrations by the designer herself.

Jewelry: Celeste of Celestial Creations 4U

She creates one of a kind, jewelry pieces in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for yourself, or a loved one, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for!

Home and Living:  Alicia and Josiah of Beardbangs

A husband and wife duo who combined their passions of drawing, pottery, and illustration together to form a handcrafted ceramics business. Together they’re unstoppable!

Wedding and Special Events: Heather of Heather Boyd Wire

Heather is a wire artist who specializes in wedding and birthday cake toppers of exquisite detail. Her work is as impressive as it is unique!



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Universal Language of Love December 2nd 2015

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Love is, or should be the universal language of the world. Why isn’t it? If I had one wish for today’s society I would wish that love become the new universal language.

The true example of love is lacking in our world today and that is very sad. We should be able to look into anothers eyes and read love when it is there. Love should not be foreign or misunderstood and should be the only language that all can communicate with out languages

But we have fear and for some sad reason that overrides love. Fear is a language we all know and unfortunately act on faster than any other emotion.

Love is communicated by actions. So I say lets make a to do list of love.

Be Kind every chance you get. We never know how a simple action of kindness can have a ripple effect over the world!

example of kind love- Smile at someone

Be Acceptance. Knowing our own humanity and ability to make mistakes should leave us humble and our hearts open to accepting other

Example of Acceptance love -Smile at someone

Be Tolerant. This seems to be the word of the week. Do we really understand it? Simply have the  ability to acknowledge others views, convictions or opinions  especially if  they oppose your own

Example of Tolerant love -Smile at someone

Be Respectful. Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Example of Respectful love -Smile at someone

Be Understanding. I understand if your eyes are blue and mine are green. We don’t question that. Well maybe someones path in life, especially if it includes choices we may not make, needs to be seen the same. It is their road to evolution and not for us to question.

Example of Understanding love -Smile at someone

Be Compassionate. Know that EVERYONE on earth carries their own weight, experiences their own suffering

Example of compassionate love -Smile at someone

As a language school, Langmobile is dedicated to teaching children languages we are also dedicated to teaching children love while learning.

Our entire method of language acquisition is inspired by the Social Interactionist Theory of language. Langmobile’s method is built upon the idea that language learning takes place through social interaction between parent and child.

Learn more about the tools we have developed to bring or method to your home via mobile device Kids Learning Languages

What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old.  If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading  Kids Learning Languages on I tunes it is free for a limited time!app-launch7-en

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Language Acquisition for Kids – Making it Fun! October 15th 2015

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Cours d anglais pour enfantsDo you believe that Language acquisition for kids should be fun or is it your belief that language is learned word-by-word and therefore it is effective to drill children on their vocabulary? 

Well, at Langmobile we believe in FUN!

We believe that Language acquisition for kids  is an ongoing process, not an end result.  It is about communication and is the result of meaningful interaction with others.  That is, competency and fluency develop by speaking the language, not by memorizing isolated rules and vocabulary.  A student could, after all, memorize the Latin dictionary but not be able to introduce herself in Latin because she has never had the opportunity to use it.  High levels of proficiency come from having a functional use for a language in daily life.

Language acquisition for kids is our business!

Our services, Saturday classesLangmobile summer camp, Preschool, Daycare and private services harness a  fun and engaging environment. From there, we provide our students  with the opportunity to interact with English in a simulated English environment.

We do not focus on lists of words or grammatical rules – our students are exposed to a new language while otherwise engaged (specifically, while having a LOT of fun!).  We cultivate an interest and an open-mindedness towards learning English as a second language, as opposed to presenting it as a task in a potential pass-fail scenario.  We believe that competency improves as children are exposed to English and are given the chance to express themselves and engage creatively with the language in an intuitive way.

What is the right age to learn another language?

It our opinion at Langmobile we think it is NEVER too young to start exposing your children to a foreign language.  We have services for children that are 6 months old in daycares and preschools. Our English immersion summer camp invites children to participate 4-14 years old.  If you are unable to participate in our services you can still enjoy the Langmobile method at home by downloading  Kids Learning Languages on I tunes it is free for a limited time!app-launch7-en

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Immersion Anglaise et Française – Camp de Jour Langmobile February 7th 2015

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immersion anglaise summer camp camp de jour

Are you looking for a camp for your child age 3-11?

Immersion Anglaise -Is the way in Quebec for kids to improve their English conversational skills. Most Parent in Quebec see the importance of bilingualism. Our great country has two official languages English & French! What an amazing quality for a country to have- Supporting bilingualism.

You want the best for your kids. If a good education is top of the list, think of school- plus-camp as the winning combination.

Langmobile has the camp Language part covered! Not only are we a great environment for your child to improve English BUT we are an even better environment for English speaking children to improve French! (90 % of our campers are French, we do all we can to encourage them to speak English but the truth is that among themselves, in social situations, they primarily speak French which is a true Immersion environment for an English speaker to learn!

Camp Builds Skills for Life

When considering camp for your child consider how camp contributes to life long learning for children. I came across this chart that shines some light on the positive camp attributes read more…

Concrete  skill development               +        Soft skill development

School, work and life skills                                            Gaining confidence and self-esteem

Leadership and personal growth                              Becoming more independent

Igniting future career interests                                 Internalizing morals and values

Specialty training                                                                 Gaining better self-awareness

Learning to try new things                                            Improving interpersonal and social skills

Learning through success and failure                   Becoming a good citizen

Physical activity and increased strength            Taking responsibility for self and others

For more about Langmobile summer camp and how you can register check out our website and Register today!

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New Years Resolution! Teach my child French! January 31st 2015

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Do you want to teach your child a foreign language? Do you want to teach them french?

languages for children

Are you a parent who feels your language skills are not good enough to be teaching your child? or Do you already speak great French but are hesitant to  introduce it to your child?

As leaders in teaching children languages Langmobile say YES YOU CAN! and we want to help you accomplish this New Year’s resolution and have fun doing it. I recently wrote a blog about More singing and dancing to learn, consider this blog as a follow up to a more specific New Year’s resolution to teach your child French.


How to start?

First: Learn how your child learns.

Check out my blog on How children learn Attention span and understanding how your child learns is vital to presenting learning materiel.

An article in Early Childhood News shows that when children listen to music and songs they use their whole brain to process language and are able to remember much more of the vocabulary than if the words were simply spoken to them. Another very important reason to engage children in singing and music is that interaction between child and adult is key to fully engaging the child’s brain in the learning process.

Second:  Small steps repeated often provide effective and rewarding results surprisingly quickly.

Here is how we know: We sing alot with children. Langmobile touches some 2000 children per week by providing language learning workshops in Daycares for roughly 45 minutes once a each week. We witness everyday how such a small amount of time playing with the language  can make a huge impact on their child’s ability to understand and respond to new phrases.  So imagine what can be achieved if songs are practiced daily at home, or if a variety of songs are used!

Third:  Singing singing singing!

Singing songs in a different language is great for your child’s cognitive development and it helps them understand the sounds in different languages. Each languages has its phonics. Music brings those distinctions to your child s ear. Here are our thoughts on how to start and understand the learning process.

Don’t worry about trying to understand the whole song.

When deciding what songs to sing, choose simple ones that have an easily discernible theme, and don’t worry about not understanding every word or the grammar. Let the music do the work for you of singing and pronouncing, just listening to the  foreign sounds are essential for your child to get used to hearing and picking out the new language sounds; make sure you read the lyrics of the songs so you know what they are about and focus on specific points of the song that you can highlight or act out.

Fourth: Movement and silliness are essential!

It has been well researched that movement in children is directly linked to their cognitive development. The more movement

Change the lyrics?

Another good way to get your child understanding the sentence structures in the song is to replace key lyrics with some of your own. They can be in your own language or just nonsense words; as long as they keep within the context of the song. These replacement words serve to highlight how the sentences are formed, cements the meaning in their brains and encourages them to experiment with the language outside the song.

Fifth: Go to I-tunes and listen to Langmobile original music !

Here is a short list of Langmobile songs that are easy to understand, full of repetition and good for simple vocabulary:

Ne Bouge Plus Our own original version  of head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Bonjour Comment Vas-Tu?– A Song to say Hello how are you?

Quel Est Ton Nom ? – A song to say What’s your name?

L’arc-En-Ciel – A song to learn Colors of the rainbow.

So start singing now and you can start your child’s French language education right away regardless of your own level of French!

Sixth: Stay tuned into Langmobile!

For even more of an enriched language learning experience stay tuned into our blog and connect with us on Facebook! We will be announcing the launch of our Language learning App soon but until them we invite you get our free gift offer to learn a bit of French today!

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