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Preschool Ratio

The Ratio is 1 educator to 8 children. If in the event the class is in excess of 8 children an assistant will be hired to aide in the classroom management. Our maximum is 12 children: 2 educators. This applies to both morning and afternoon classes.


Preschool Teacher Credential

The preschool educator hired to animate the program will be a certified early childhood educator with experience either in a preschool or daycare setting.


Langmobile Credentials

Langmobile has been actively involved with educating preschool-age children for the past 9 years. We will begin our 3rd year in the management and organization of our own in house preschool program.


Meal Time

Snacks and lunches may be brought from home. However, there is a catering service available for an additional cost.


Child Safety

The room is 100% child safe and friendly. All precautions will be taken to assure the safety and well being physically, emotionally and intellectually of the children in the program.


Outside play areas

The area that will be used will be on the lower level of the school separate from the main stream of children and with a separate entrance. Outside play time will be incorporated daily, weather permitting, and the children will be using the back yard space of the school.


Preschool programming includes

  • Language acquisition supporting both the French and English
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, including talking and listening
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Creative and aesthetic development
  • Physical development
  • Mathematical awareness and development
  • Playing


8h 30 to 9h Welcoming the children and free play
9h to 9h 30 Gym Time
10h to 10h 30 Show me & Tell me
12h 10 to 12h 30 Story Time
12h 30 to 13h Free Play
(transition between groups)
13h to 13h 30 Music Program
13h 30 to 14h 15 Yoga
14h 30 to 15h 15 Outside activities and physical fitness
15h 30 Warm goodbyes!

(Mornings and afternoons are alternated each week.)