International Summer Camp

Pop into Canadian Culture sur le rythme du Québec!

Langmobile International Program
Join our English Immersion summer camp. We create and customize a unique summer program. We welcome teenagers and young adults from 13 to 17 years old interested in having a cross-cultural exchange. Our International Summer Camp program aims to :

  • Strengthen English language skills
  • Encourage social connections through group experiences
  • Foster personal empowerment
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Discover Quebec’s history through traditional arts, crafts and customs
  • Explore the natural environment Quebec has to offer
  • Take full advantage of long summer days creating long lasting fun memories

We accomplish this by maintaining an elite camp.


Choose 1 block of 3 weeks

July 9th July 16th July 23rd
Jet Boating in Old Montreal Hike on Mount Saint-Hilaire IMAX Theater in Old Port
Biodôme Rock Climbing Hike on Mount-Royal
La Ronde Day Trip to Ottawa Tombola Poutine Party


July 30th August 6th August 13th
Amphibian Tour Bus Horseback Riding Redpath Museum
Musée Grévin Tour McCord Museum Tour Hike on Mount-Royal
La Ronde Day Trip to Ottawa Smoked Meat Block Party

Small Groups

Qualified instructors training specifically in the acquisition of languages and multicultural learning.


Diverse onsite activities such as our Intense Language Labs. This is the time students will benefit from our winning formula that combines learning English through practical grammar, oral production, written production, mixed with an activity that will stimulate an entire new everyday functional vocabulary. These activities include : Cooking, Reuse Recycle Repurpose Reinvent Project, Viral video, Photography, Fitness/ yoga, Debate Club


Our team is comprised of highly qualified teachers with a certain sensitivity to the linguistic acquisition of Languages specific to this age group 13-17 years old. They are trained responsible professionals who understand that the mission of the camp is to create a practical English experience practicing the 4 language skills on a daily basis : Reading, Writing, Speaking, Comprehension

What is Language Lab?

An enjoyable interactive environment designed to practice and encourage oral production of English in practical experiences. Our goal is to offer various tools (grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary) encouraging to think and speak in English. Each student will receive a workbook.


Option 1 : 3 weeks daily camp activity
Option 2 : 3 weeks daily camp activity + Homestay

Extra costs : Health insurance (1,70 $ a day)
Public transportation (120.00 $)
Custodianship (250.00 $)

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