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Our animators go to your daycare and provide quality workshops in Yoga, Gym, Music, English, French, Italian or Spanish. Our programs are for children 18 months to 5 years old.

We offer a free demonstration in any of our services so that your establishment may see first hand how the magic of our programs unfold.

Our workshops are offered in blocks of 30 or 45 minutes. We require a minimum of 2 hours before sending an animator to your location. We also offer free demonstrations of all our CPE & Daycare services. Contact us to find out more, or book your free demonstration today!


Learning a second language is most successful during the youngest years.  Langmobile brings an immersion setting to your Daycare.

Learning languages with Langmobile is done through structuring our workshops around familiar themes  and  everyday activities such as; Food, The body in action, Seasons, Clothing, Colors, The 5 senses, Farm animals, Fish, The weather, What’s in the bag?, What’s that sound?, Jungle animals, and much more…

Music is an important part of the Langmobile learning language method. We create our own preschool music filled with easy to learn vocabulary and repetitive phrases. Children learn languages because they enjoy our programming. Language learning +Langmobile = FUN!

The benefits of learning languages is explained in more detail in our Research page.


We introduce young minds and bodies to the attention, discipline, extension and relaxation of yoga. Workshops are offered to children 18 months to 5 years old. Our approach is based on storytelling, singing, games, music and visual images encouraging movement and breathing.

Benefits of yoga for preschool age children

One of the definitions of yoga, a system of exercises for creating complete well being, physical, emotional, intellectual. Our “system of exercises” consists of slow body movements and intentional, deep breathing that help stretch and strengthen muscles and focus the mind. Preschoolers are prime candidates for fully taking in the advantages of yoga, especially considering that their young minds are ripe for implementing healthy life long habits.


Music’s never been like this before! Join us in matching age, rhymes, singing, circle games, movement, and musical stories, to that of the development of the child. With Langmobile each child explores a progressive range of musical concepts through the use of hand puppets, musical instruments, movement and dramatic play. The goal of the program is to provide an understanding and enjoyment of music through experiencing and exploring concepts in a step by step manner.

Benefits of Music programs for Preschool Children

Music contributes to the development of language maternal or secondary and increases literacy skills as well as strengthens memory. Music contributes to language skills. By making up songs, repeating rhymes and finger plays, and singing with puppets and toy animals to explore books. Children learn to listen to, compare, and respond to various kinds of music and develop thinking skills. They also learn to recognize patterns and count beats when clapping, playing, or listening to instruments, as well as developing math and literacy skills.

Using music and movement to represent people, things, and feelings develops self-expression and motor skills, specifically with dancing, clapping, and moving creatively to music, which also helps body awareness and spatial concepts. Finally, listening to and exploring diverse kinds of music and instruments from different cultures develops the child’s social awareness.

Music is an incredible instrument!


Our gym program is a skills Development program. Our classes teach children strength, coordination and teamwork in a fun, non-competitive environment. Our program is designed to build confidence and create the foundation for a lifetime of positive experiences with respects to physical wellness.

Habits are everything and to start good healthy habits is our goal. We are dedicated to being a part of kids getting the best start they can get. Our activities are specially designed to help preschool children channel their energy and reach their developmental milestones.

  • Greater strength, flexibility and coordination through movement
  • Establishing awareness of spatial and perceptual concepts
  • Increasing confidence and integrating into groups
  • Willingness to try new things and initiate play
  • Feeling comfortable with their growing sense of independence
  • Feeling pride in abilities
  • Feeling ready and excited to learn
  • Listening

Animation Day

image_langmobileLangmobile now offers you the opportunity to experience the magic of our fun activities in a single morning! Call us for details on how we can help you make your Daycare even more special with a variety of educational and entertaining for your little ones!

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