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Designed for children of all ages, Langmobile’s videos are available in English, French, and Spanish. Through our music videos and vocabulary sections, we bring you a fun and interactive way to learn languages with Langmobile!

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Designed for children ages 0-6 years old, Langmobile’s music is available in English, French, Spanish and Italian. Let your child sing along with the music to learn counting, feelings, animals and actions! We also have Karaoke versions so your child can sing on their own!

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Achetez Notre music sur iTunes “What’s in the bag?” “Qu’est-ce qu’il y a
dans la boîte?”
“Escucha!” “I like”


Kids learning languages! We encourage parents to create a meaningful experience with their child. Learning a language together is our key to success! Discover the Langmobile Method!
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Based on the Social Interactionist Theory for learning languages, Langmobile brings to you educational material for kids to learn languages.

Instructional Guide

Guide for teachers to use the Langmobile Method
When children participate in our programs, they explore a wide variety of techniques and approaches through play, interaction, and discovery-based learning. At the heart of our values is the belief that when a child is engaged and having fun, they will be motivated to become a second language learners for life.

10 Lesson plans

Guide for teachers – English Learning Program : Activities for 3 to 5 years old
Each lesson plan includes an Activity Page and a Colorful Visual Support Tool. This book is a tool to compliment your creativity and personal touch as a teacher that you can bring to your classes. We encourage you to design a session that is a reflection of your unique personal expression. It is our intention to help you remain organized and effective as a teacher in your mission.

24 Songs, lyrics and activities

Music compilation for parents and teachers
Each song is accompanied by an Activity page. We believe that song time creates a spirit of unity in the group. This is what Langmobile is all about – We base our program on the premise that creating an emotionally meaningful experience solidifies learning.