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Kids Learning Languages! We encourage Parents to create a meaningful experience with their child. Learning languages together is our formula for success! Discover The Langmobile Method!

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Our fun-loving human animators bring any kids learning languages to life by piquing the child’s curiosity and guiding them to discover a word. Research supports that learning from a live person creates a relationship with the contents and child. Once this relationship is established and fun is part of the equation learning happens easily!

Parent’s Guides

Designed to assist you in creating a meaningful learning experience with your child. They explain how to use the APP. These guides provide the user insight to our method and theory that interaction is key! We also include a fun easy to do craft as a compliment to the word in each lesson. Kids learning languages with Langmobile works!


Coloring pages and Playtime pages can be viewed and discovered on the Kids learning languages APP. They are used to identify and reinforce the word of the lesson in a fun interactive way. Print and color with your child! Play a memory game! These complimentary tools help create meaningful learning experiences as parent and child  play together.

Song Lyrics

Play the song as part of every lesson. Singing and dancing engages the child’s entire brain and enhances developmental milestones such as fine and gross motor skills. Through song a child can identify the differences in the SOUND of the language. SONG LYRICS is a visual tool to help Kids learning Languages understand the vocabulary.

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