Our method

The Critical Period

Did you know that children from 0 to 5 years of age are able to acquire a second language more easily than at any other time in their lives?  In language learning this is called the “critical period”.  After this time it becomes significantly more difficult for children to expand their vocabularies, learn grammatical structures, and pronounce words easily in a second language.  This is because our minds are hardwired to acquire language in our early developmental stages.  Research tells us that this incredible openness is both precious and short!

Interactionist Theory of language

Langmobile’s program is here to help parents both bond & interact with their children in meaningful ways while nurturing this small window of opportunity.  Based on well-established methods of language teaching and inspired by the Social Interactionist Theory of language Langmobile’s program is built upon the idea that language learning takes place through social interaction between parent and child.

Traditional learning tools are often passive and do not properly take into account the level, interest or curiosity of the child. By actively including parents in their children’s learning process, and giving the parent tools to both simultaneously learn and teach the child the necessary language content, our program gives you everything you need to begin learning a second language together!

Getting Ready for School

School isn’t what it used to be!  School boards across the world are developing more collaborative, cooperative, interaction and discovery-oriented environments for children to learn based on the most up-to-date learning research and tested practices.  By encouraging these skills early on in your child’s life through language learning you are preparing your child for greater levels of success in his/her schooling (especially if your child will be studying in a second language).

Many of these school programs are based on the same foundational beliefs as Langmobile’s program, how they differ is that Langmobile gives younger children a head start to these learning approaches and provides parents with the tools to support their own child the way that an informed teacher would early in their child’s development.

Even more exciting is what the latest research is saying about children who speak two languages: benefits range from a delay of the onset of Alzheimer’s to greater cognitive flexibility in solving complex problems. Researchers are finding more and more that knowing a second language can significantly improve the life a child!

Perfecting Our Method

Langmobile has ten years of experience teaching languages in the classroom and our program has been used by thousands of young students in daycares, schools, afterschool programs and summer camps. During that time we have explored a wide variety of techniques and approaches through play, interaction and discovery-based learning.  We have combined this experience with up to date research on child development.