Quality workshops for kids

Langmobile offers quality workshops for kids learning languages. Our standard for quality is high and our workshops meet the needs of both parent, child and Daycare. Learn more about our quality workshops in yoga , music workshops, English classes, Italian classes, French classes, Spanish classes, Saturday classes, after school activities, preschool activities, day camps and specialized services to CPE and private Daycares.

Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for children of all ages by providing programming and workshops designed for Kids Learning Languages.

We reach over 3000 children weekly through a combination of our outreach services to daycares, elementary schools, private homes, community centers and our in-house programming.

Nicole Bianco

The Creators: Nicole Bianco

I have been working on the educational project of Langmobile for 13 years. I take pride in continuously improving and developing a successful language learning  program for children  18 months to 12 years old. 15 years of work experience in this field along with  participation in various professional training for language learning programs has allowed me to acquire the knowledge and experience needed to develop an effective teaching method. It fills me with great joy to take our language learning program online and have children and families experience language learning with langmobile anytime anywhere!

Langmobile successfully opens the world to children through languages. We will  revolutionize language learning for children with the Langmobile method!


The Creators: Johanne Desjardins

I taught  English and French teacher in Asia For three years. When  I returned to Canada in 1999, I started a language school called Let’s go Anim-Anim-Mots to teach English to children from two to twelve years of age. Cofounding Langmobile meant taking my passion and fifteen years of experience teaching languages to new level where I feel privileged to serve children.

With Langmobile now in it’s 11th year, Nicole and I have produced several children’s music albums that teach English, French, Spanish and Italian, as well as running a successful preschool and day camp service in Montreal and the surrounding areas.

Language learning + Langmobile = fun for me everyday!

Johanne Desjardins